Get Rid of an Old Piano

If you have and old upright piano, but you want to get rid of it because no one plays it anymore and it is just laying around occupying a lot of space, then you can do so. You just need to think how you are going to do that. You can sell it. There are still many people who are interested in buying a piano to add charm to their room. You can give it away to charity or you can gift it to someone. Always hire Piano Removalist for the job because they handle piano with great care and you can be assured that it is not damaged in the transit. Here are some ways to give away your piano.

  1. Sell to the local dealer. If you know any piano dealer you can call them and ask if they are interested in buying an old piano. Thus you can earn while getting rid of your piano. But you will not gain much in this. You should expect a minimum amount for this transaction.
  1. Auction it away. It is more beneficial way of giving away of your piano. Some people who collects old things or vintage items can show interest in your piano. You will certainly get more than what a local dealer can provide you. But you have to bear the cost of transporting it to the auction house and it is also possible that no one shows interest in buying your piano. Then all your efforts will go in vain.
  1. Sell piano online. It is more direct way of dealing with your buyer. You can upload pictures of your piano online, and the person interested in buying will contact you directly. Thus there will be no third party payments. You will gain fully with the deal.
  1. Give away to charity. If your piano is all good and fit to play, you can give it to charity too. There may be young children who wish to learn piano but unable to buy it. You may help them in pursuing their passion. You will get no money in return but may be some sense of content.

Browse internet for piano moving service providers and shortlist the one which offers best services in reasonable price. You can go for piano removals Melbourne, for safer and secure giving away of piano.


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