All you need to know about Piano Moving

Moving or shifting is an extremely traumatic time in someone’s life, particularly when the work is being done without taking a professional help. Moving a piano is especially hectic as the movers are required to have special skills and knowledge to move the piano carefully.

This blog brings some frequently asked questions related to piano moving to assist you to know some important information.

Why do I require hiring a specialized piano mover?

There is majority of people who are wondering why to appoint specialized piano moving services instead of hiring the domestic mover. The major cause for hiring a trained piano mover is that lots of domestic movers don’t have sufficient equipment or training to move a piano safely. The normal standing piano weight lies between 400 to 900 pounds. However, the weight of huge piano can lie between 700 to 1400 pounds.

The cost of a piano can also vary depending on the age, make and current condition. The professional Piano movers interstate have proper instrument for moving a piano. In many cases, the piano is also required to take apart for moving. Hiring the trained piano mover can reduce the risk of the break to the piano.

How are pianos moved?

When you hire piano movers from piano moving interstate, you can wait for at least 2 or 3 people to visit your place equipped with slings, ramps moving pads, piano skids and the familiarity of piano moving. They make use of some exceptional techniques to take your piano out. Then they put the piano on the truck and ensure that it is placed safely on the vehicle to circumvent break during transport. In some complex circumstances, minimum 4 to 6 persons may come. If you appoint domestic movers other than skilled piano mover, such knowledge and equipment as well as all the safety measures are not used by them.

Appointing a skilled piano mover will not totally reduce the risk of the break, but the same will radically decrease this risk. Additionally, a professional piano mover will measure the circumstances and let you know if there is a possibility of a break before they start the move, as well as will provide you the alternative of carry on or not.

What will be the cost of moving a piano?

Moving of a piano is usually billed in several ways:

1. The domestic mover way – they usually charge an hourly rate, with the least amount of hours
2. The expert piano mover way – they usually charge flat rate depending on the below-mentioned factors:

Size and type (grand, upright) of piano
Distance being moved
The level of Difficulty because of tight turns, grass pulls, stairs, etc.
Time fetters put on the move
Time of waiting that might be invited

The benefit of a flat rate scheme is that excluding any unexpected events, you know how to get the perfect idea of about the cost of calling the movers at your doorstep, and it is quite less pricey compared to the hourly rate.


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