Ways to safely move a piano

Relocating a piano from one place to another is a difficult task which is nearly impossible to do on our own, rather it needs the assistance of experts and professionals who are much skilled and knowledgeable regarding such type of tasks.

The professional Piano movers interstate utilize different strategies and techniques that completely make worry less moves for your piano. Different techniques adapted by a perfect interstate piano Removalist to safely shift your piano are as follows:

Furniture Dolly – The dollies are usually utilized to transfer the heavy items either piano or furniture on the staircases. The devices are designed to safely move large items since they are attached with caster wheels, that can withstand very large weights. Dollies are considered to prevent damage to the piano or your walls therefore, they are known to be best in moving heavy items.

Correct Lifting techniques – Using a correct lifting technique is crucial at all stages of the removal process. It is always suggested not to make an attempt of lifting a piano by yourself rather, it is safe to consider professional’s help.

Carrying Straps – It is a true fact that applying pressure to the body of the instrument can cause it to break therefore, it is important to make a wise use of carrying straps that distribute the weight evenly across the entire piano and allow it to be safely carried.

The final step of the removal process is transporting the piano to its new destination where the piano needs to get assembled or installed. It is always good to consider first that whether the piano is secured and protected or not. The professionals always focus on using the large amount of padding to protect piano from scrapes and bumps.

Once you have your piano safely installed in its new destination, the only thing you need to do is to tune the musical instrument which is one of the complicated processes that need to be done carefully.


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